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At Cartel Wraps, we invest everything we have into producing quality work that makes our customers happy. Check out our customer reviews to see how we’re fulfilling our most important mission.

“Desert Racing is a fast and furious form of Motorsports. Our team relies heavily on our vendors. The race schedule demands high performance on every level from the 1000 horsepower engine to the graphics that make our team one of the best looking trucks on race courses from Parker Arizona to Las Vegas to Baja. Cartel Wraps is always on another level with their part of our program. As always Thank You for your contributions!”

Mark Newhan - Team Ford

Hey, guys just wanted to say the truck looks awesome! Nice clean detailed work, you guys make us look good. Thanks for all of your hard work over the years!

Jacob Bordieri - Marketing & Operations | BOB JENSON AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING

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